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    Master the Science of Self-Leadership: 3 Keys to Skyrock Productivity, Enhance Connection & Elimiate Burnout

    Date: March 16, 2023, 12:00pm
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    Master the Science of Self-Leadership: 3 Keys to Skyrocket Productivity, Enhance Connection & Eliminate Burnout

    Leading with Influence… whether you’re in a leadership position or not!

    Our ability to influence - to get people to listen, to trust, and act on our ideas – is arguably the most important skill for reaching our highest professional potential. Self leadership is a critical element to
    effectively persuading others, garnering support, adopting a decision, and addressing opposition. Especially pertinent in today’s increasingly intergenerational and diverse workplace, this program is for
    leaders who want to realize the organization's goals in a seemingly effortless manner, and gain widespread buy-in without jeopardizing their professional relationships and reputations.

    This programming offers a shift in engagement from individual-centered to a collectivism perspective. Organizations that implement these ideas tend to experience increased employee engagement and

    The T.E.S.T. Framework enables anyone who wants to drive collective action towards a unified mission
    and inspire buy-in from stakeholders regardless of title or situational authority.
    ● Trustworthy - The concept has to make fundamental sense. You can’t build a house on sand, it
    has to be fundamentally sound so people can logically rationalize why they should believe you.
    ● Elastic - Nothing is perfect in the beginning. You don’t know what you don’t know. But you do
    know that you will improve.
    ● Shift - Shift in mindset. Look for feedback that people are sharing your ideas without you being
    the catalyst.
    ● Team Mindset - Colin Powell quote - go far if you don’t care who gets the credit. I may be the
    one on stage, but I’m not the one who works the hardest or pulls everything together. Give credit. give more credit than is due and let others know you appreciate them. Anything worth
    doing is a team effort.